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A brand new

Dyson V10 Motorhead!

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* This questionnaire is designed to improve the service for our users. We randomly pick 10 users to give them the chance to win fantastic prizes. Today's prize is a brand new Dyson V10 Motorhead!

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Recent Comments:

Maria Smith
Has anyone already submit an application? Have you got the prize?

John Warmuth
Yes, I took part in the promotional offer. The manager contacted me during the day, checked my personal data, and told me that the package will be delivered in 3 days. I'm waiting.

Patricia Abauta
And I've got the package already:))

Robert Boushell
I never wrote comments, but now I decided to share my personal experience. Here's how it all happened. I went to the website. There, I answered the questions and got the opportunity to participate. I thought it was some kind of fraud. That's why I carefully read it all through, sent my personal data and waited.. 2 hours later a girl called me, verified my personal date and told me "Congratulations, you have won a prize. It will be delivered to you within 3 days." You have no idea how glad I was when I received the prize, generally speaking... don't be afraid to try your luck, because I'm on a roll.

Dyson Support
thanks for your comment, it is very important for us.

Francheska Lopez
the guy just got lucky! maybe now i'll take a risk

Bob Hanson
guys, I left an application. But I'm afraid I won't get a vacuum cleaner, who won?